Frí by Gusto Karta

Gusto Karta is a simple and flexible solution for providing leisure and health benefits.

Treat motivation of your employees and reward them so they take advantage from tax benefits.

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The essence
Tailor-made partner network
Wide range of activities - phramacies, optics, fitness parlors, cultural venues, traveling
Secure - no responsibility for vouchers
Tax advantage
Happy employees
No infinit counting of vouchers
Benefits for companies
You don't have to worry about leisure & health benefits with Gusto Karta. A quick order, clever portal and user friendly apps for employees, easy to use with common payment methods - it can't be easier. Solve company benefits with Gusto Karta!

No administrative burden and quick ordering process

Gusto Karta - benefits and meal e-vouchers on one card

Thousand of partnering merchants throughout the Czech Republic is customized according to your needs

Benefits for employees

Self set daily limits

Free app in your mobile


With Gusto Karta's meal e-voucher, you will no longer have to queue up for packages with paper vouchers, you don't have to be ashamed to use them, and most importantly, you don't have to worry about whether there is enough balance on the card. You can easily raise it yourself. A daily limit? You manage it yourself...

Kde využít Gustokartu

Gusto Kartu můžete využít téměř po celé České republice a její využití se neustále rozšiřuje