Gusto Karta: No more hassle with paper vouchers

  • Modern payment method
  • Quick and easy payment
  • Payment of the exact amount
  • Clear & simple management
  • Safety

Gusto Karta keeps all advantages of fringe benefit vouchers, only brings it to 21st century. Simply and economicaly.

Gusto Karta means the following 4 advantages
We all know payment cards. It is tome to replace paper vouchers with a fringe benefit card.
  • No more extra packs of chewing gums

    No more "We only return CZK 5 if you pay by meal vouchers!" Using Gusto Karta, the electronic meal voucher, you will always pay the exact amount. No need to buy an extra pack of chewing gums or fish for change in your pockets if those pieces of paper are not enough. You will pay exactly what you are supposed to pay.

  • Modern and quick payment

    Paying with a piece of paper is a bit "old school". Inviting a business partner for lunch and paying with paper meal vouchers? That's quite out as well. Get rid of those troubles with Gusto Karta. Paying with our card is quick and modern, Gusto Karta is in!

  • Ease of use and good overview

    Living with Gusto Karta is easy. One card, instead of 20 little pieces of paper, saves space in your wallet. You can always check your card balance in the Gusto Karta portal or in your mobile phone. Thanks to Gusto Karta, you have a good overview and your life is easier.

  • Safety

    Paper vouchers tend to get lost, be it in your washing machine, on the street or anywhere else. You are then stuck with eyes to cry with. Use the Gusto Karta e-card and forget all of the above. The card may be easily blocked and you can have a new one in no time. Gusto Karta is a private card but one which uses bank technologies. It can't get any safer.

How much extra will you get with our Gusto Karta every year?
Value of meal voucher
I will get extra

Considering the standard employer contribution of 55% of the whole daily meal allowance value and 21 days worked per month.

3 most frequently asked questions
Actually, there are 2 options: You either let us know only and we will do our best to persuade your employer. Or you can even mention Gusto Karta yourself and help us. Together, we will manage!
Of course! Gusto Karta is still a meal voucher, therefore it offers all the advantages of any other meal voucher. However, in comparison with paper meal vouchers, you only carry one card and do not pay for unwanted extra chewing gum.
This is the main advantage of our Gusto Karta: For each client, we are trying hard to create a network of partner places (restaurants and shops) of their liking. We do not want you to be disappointed and we care about our partners, too. It is our wish that Gusto Karta bring them new customers. If there is a restaurant or shop you would like to see in our network, please let us know. We will do our best to include it.
Kde využít Gustokartu

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